8 people freed after being trapped in elevator

Update 10:30 3/15/16 Medford, Ore. — Eight college students are safe thanks to Medford firefighters after getting trapped in an elevator at Abdill Career College on East Main street as smoke billowed up toward them.

Medford Fire’s Batallion Chief Justin Keylock said while there was no fire the smoke was likely coming from a motor in the basement of the building. Firefighters had to act quickly. Keylock said they were concerned smoke would fill the elevator and suffocate those inside.

“If the smoke was to build up in the elevator car they wouldn’t have anywhere to go,” he said.

A student who was trapped, Chris Fultz, said they made light of the situation to stay calm. They even snapped a selfie while waiting to be rescued.

“We were just joking around and having a good time. What else do you do in a situation like that? So we just kept in good spirits and had fun,” he said.

As Fultz and the other seven made the most of the situation their classmates questioned their safety. They waited outside and when those stuck finally came out of the building they were greeted with cheers and hugs.

When the elevator doors opened Fultz said some were more anxious to get out than others.

“We let all the ladies jump out and run. I’m not going to say it out loud but the ladies were excited the firemen were coming,” Fultz said.

While the seven inside made the most of the situation, other students waited outside the building to make sure they were okay. After 35 minutes those stuck were freed, and greeted with cheers and hugs by classmates.



0315 Elevator Fire

Medford, Ore. — Firefighters freed a group of people trapped in a Medford elevator on Tuesday.

The call for help came in shortly after 4:00pm, Fire crews rushed to the building on 843 East Main, which houses multiple different offices. Firefighters freed eight people who were stuck in the elevator for more than half an hour.

Firefighters tell NBC5 News they were concerned the people would suffocate in the elevator shaft. Thankfully they’re all safe now.

We have a reporter on scene and will have more details as they become available.

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