82-year-old Floridian fights off purse snatcher

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. (WFLA) – An 82-year-old Florida woman fought off a would-be robber on Monday.

Police say Mary Barrineau had just withdrawn cash from a bank in Tarpon Springs and was headed to her car when Jennifer Kearin came up to her and demanded money.

“You have to fight. You can’t just let them take advantage of you and steal your money. So I took care of business,” said Barrineau.

“She grabbed my purse and she started running for her car. I ran after her. I don’t believe that I ran, but I did.”

“I tackled her in the car. She said ‘let me alone, I am going to have your money.’ I said, ‘no you’re not’ and I shoved her down and started scratching her face.”

Barrineau held Kearin down in the front seat of Kearin’s car and screamed for help.

Two good Samaritans saw Barrineau struggling and called 911. They also used their vehicles to block the suspect in until police arrived.

Barrineau got her purse back and Kearin went to jail.

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