A warning about leaving animals in hot cars

Medford, Ore,. — If you love to take your animal with you every where you go, Medford Police say you might want to rethink that this week.

With temperatures rising into the mid 90’s, officers have a warning.

If you can — keep your animal at home.

Leaving animals in a hot car can lead to serious consequences for both the animal, and you.

Police say even just fifteen or 20 minutes can be too long.

“Unless it’s a service animal or something like that, your animal will appreciate being left in your home more than in a hot car in a parking lot.” said Sergeant Jason Antley.

If you see an animal in distress inside a hot car, officers suggest calling them, and they will do their best to find the owner before intervening.

Police say if you do have to bring your animal with you, make sure to leave windows open as much as possible, and have water available.

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