Accused murderer still awaiting trial since 2015

MEDFORD, Ore. —  A bizarre murder case may finally go to trial this year nearly 4 years after a man was killed at a Central Point mini-market.

The case seemed straight forward but took a turn after the suspect made a number of court appearances… and tv cameras were banned in the courtroom.

Robert Davies-Calhoun was arrested and charged with shooting and killing Douglas Spaur back in November of 2015 outside a convenience store.

In January of 2017, the case was delayed when he said he wanted to represent himself, but the sensitive issue of Davies Calhoun’s mental health led a judge to ban tv cameras in the courtroom.

After firing three lawyers, Davies-Calhoun was sent to the Oregon State Hospital to be evaluated and now has a new attorney.

“He’s just in the process of getting his case resolved and, at the moment, we’re waiting for a report from the Oregon State Hospital,” said Elizabeth J.C. Baker, defense attorney.

Baker called the case and client “complex.”

“Oregon State Hospital has thirty days to file their report,” she said.

And she says resolution in the long legal process may finally come soon.

Davies-Calhoun will be back in March as the report from the Oregon State Hospital is expected soon.

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