Airstrikes reported in Syria during cease-fire agreement

IDLIB, Syria (CNN) – Volunteer rescue group White Helmets reported at least 19 people were killed in airstrikes in the last rebel held area in northwest Syria on Wednesday.

There are reports of people still buried under the rubble of buildings, according to media activist Zaher Jaber in Idlib.

One member of the White Helmets was killed in the two strikes that hit Idlib city and 68 people have been injured.

A ceasefire agreement brokered by Turkey and Russia in Idlib went into effect on January 12, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry.

White Helmets said in a statement to CNN that “Russia proves again its disrespect to any ceasefire in Syria, and that the recent agreement with Turkey, in its fourth day, is nothing but a repetitive scenario of similar failing agreements.”

The White Helmets say they have recorded more than a dozen violations of the ceasefire since it was announced.

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