Alleged drug dealer appears on TV, arrested two days later

ANDERSON, Calif. – A suspected drug dealer was arrested after appearing in a televised interview about his activities.

On February 24, KRCR reporter Briona Haney interviewed a masked man who identified himself as “Barry.”

“I’ve sold opiates and Xanax and other benzos to parents right in front of their children,” Barry openly told Haney. “I did that the other day, and the child was watching me. It’s a very toxic environment.”

Barry went on to make several more incriminating statements about drug dealing. “I make around like eight to ten [thousand] per month. It’s a little hard to tell because a lot of the money goes into more drugs,” Barry said.

After the interview aired, investigators wanted to learn more about “Barry.” Eventually, they noticed he had similar characteristics to a man who was contacted during a traffic stop a few days earlier, 19-year-old Sage Revilla.

According to the Anderson Police Department, Revilla was found with 72 plastic vials filled with Xanax. Due to an ongoing investigation, Revilla was not immediately arrested at the time.

Police said the news broadcast showed images of the items discovered in Revilla’s possession during the traffic stop. “Barry” also wore the same camouflage jacket Revilla wore the night he was contacted by police.

On February 26, Revilla was arrested. He had the camouflage jacket and 29 vials of Xanax when he was taken into custody. He was booked at the Shasta County Jail for drug dealing.

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