Alleged Washington “zombie apocalypse” prepper arrested

SPOKANE, Wash. – A convicted felon was arrested for keeping a cache of weapons and ammunition in preparation for the “zombie apocalypse”, according to family members.

KXLY reports police, acting on an anonymous tip, discovered 36 guns and 35,000 rounds of ammunition at the home of Robert Crampton. As a convicted felon, Crampton is not allowed to own any of the guns or ammunition.

Crampton’s conviction is related to an incident where he fired a gun at police in Las Vegas in 2013.

A source told KXLY Crampton “has been discussing ‘prepping’ type activities” since he was released from prison and moved to Spokane.

Court documents state a witness said Crampton talked about the “zombie apocalypse and also being prepared for doomsday type scenarios.”

Crampton is now behind bars facing multiple weapons charges.

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