Alpaca attacked by free roaming dog; residents asked to be careful

Williams, Ore.– A blind alpaca is fighting for its life after a dog attack in Josephine county.

“The dog just barely missed an artery,” said Mishell Minnick, the alpaca’s owner.

Thursday, Minnick received a call from the farm in Williams where she leases out a space to keep her 13 alpacas. Her blind one and a half year old alpaca, Luna, had been mauled by a dog.

“I mean, she’s the sweetest animal. That’s the worst one it could have happened too.”

Minnick says she was heartbroken but wasn’t surprised. She says there’s been an issue with dogs roaming free near Cedar Flat Road.

“There’s a big difference between an animal getting out on accident occasionally and then people just letting their dogs roam which I think is kind of the issue here.”

Mishell says dogs aren’t just a threat to animals. She says she’s been surrounded – and chased – while out on walks.

“I just take a big stick when I have to go up there,” said Minnick. “Usually somebody will come and get them at some point. Sometimes.”

Animal control and the sheriff’s department have been contacted but the issue has continued to persist.

“I don’t really feel like it’s my responsibility to be policing someone else’s dog,” said Minnick. “It’s the responsibility of the dog owner.”

Minnick says she doesn’t want another animal to be attacked. She wants to get the word out and warn others before they get hurt.

“Its a big problem here and hopefully people can just be respectful and keep their dogs on their own property. It’s not a lot to ask.”

While residents of the farm were able to chase the dog off of Luna, they were unfortunately not able to capture it.

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