Another parent sentenced in college admissions scandal

(NBC) – Another parent has now been sentenced in the nation’s massive college entrance scandal. A 53-year-old father was given four months behind bars after pleading guilty to fraud.

Devin Sloane was free to leave federal court but within weeks, he will need to report to prison after pleading guilty to fraud charges.

The prosecutor said, “For this defendant, there was no second-guessing or twinges of remorse. It appeared to come naturally”

Sloane admitted to buying his son water polo gear online, snapping photos of him in the family pool, then hiring a graphic artist to make his son look like an athletic recruit. The sham was part of a $250,000 bribe to get his child into USC.

“There are no words to justify my behavior,” said Sloane before he was sentenced to prison, community service, supervised release, and a fine.”

The wealthy executive now becomes the second parent to be sentenced in the college entrance cheating scandal. Actress Felicity Huffman was given 14 days in prison in part because the judge said she “paid the smallest bribe” of $15,000, “didn’t involve the child” and quickly “admitted guilt.”

But dozens of parents, like Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband—who are accused of paying half a million dollars to get their daughters into USC—are fighting charges pleading not guilty and headed towards trial.

Legal experts say if convicted, the actress could face years in prison.

Like all of the parents who get prison time, Devin Sloane has just a matter of weeks to report to prison. More parents are expected to be sentenced in the coming days. Some of those convicted will be spending Christmas behind bars.

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