Arizona bill would limit gender options

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KPNX/NBC News) — An Arizona state lawmaker is defending his controversial comments surrounding a bill that would limit state agencies to issue documents with only male and female gender options.

House Bill 2725 calls for any document issued by any agency, board, commission or department of Arizona to only indicate an individual’s gender as either male or female.

Before his vote, Republican state Rep. John Fillmore, the sponsor of the bill, explained why he is introducing the legislation in Arizona.

“I proposed this bill just to give clarity in government documents and was hoping to avoid the whole gender identity issue on the gender dysphoria,” Fillmore said.  “What’s going to happen when someday someone wakes up and they want to go to a far extreme and identify as a chicken or something for crying out loud. Where do we draw the line?”

Tucson mother Megan Mogan was literally shaking when she heard Fillmore, an elected representative, compare her 15-year-old child to a barnyard animal.

“It’s dehumanizing any trans or non-binary person in their state,” Mogan said.

The bill gives no option for people who identify as non-binary, a person who does not identify as male or female.

“Most people in Arizona, including myself, never thought about how our identity-related documentation spills into every facet of our life and every space we enter because we don’t have to think about it,” said Mogan.

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