Arizona bill would limit transgender youth in sports

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD/CNN) – Republican lawmakers in states across the nation are proposing bills to ban or limit transgender youth participation in school sports. One of those states is Arizona.

Currently, the Arizona Interscholastic Association allows trans students to play sports consistent with their gender identity. But that would change if SB 1637 becomes law.

The bill would ban transgender athletes from competing outside of their assigned biological sex.

For example, an athlete born male who identifies as female wouldn’t be allowed to play on the girls’ team.

Many transgender youths say laws like this take away their right to free creative expression.

Transgender student Juniper Caraballo said, “we’re just here to live our lives and these are basic, essential things you know that are a huge part of expression and creativity especially with sports that we are just here like you guys are and we want these things just as much as you guys do.”

Those in favor of bills like SB 1637 say it’s unfair to let biological males compete on a female team.

They say it gives an individual an inherent physical advantage.


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