Arrests made in downing of Ukrainian plane in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran (NBC) – Iran says arrests have been made over the downing of a Ukrainian plane that killed all 176 people on board. Iran’s president has called for even more people to be held responsible for downing the plane.

Those developments come as more Iranians protested their government’s response to the crash.

Tuesday was the fourth day of protests by Iranians who are very upset that Iran finally admitted to shooting down the Ukrainian plane. The latest protests were small and confined to the university, and they don’t seem to have spilled out into the streets and other cities.

Nonetheless, the judiciary arrested a number of people who had been out illegally protesting in the streets.

The judiciary here also announced it has arrested an undisclosed number of people that they blame for shooting down of the Ukrainian jet plane. They said that they are going to be sent to a military tribunal.

We don’t know who they are or how high up the chain of command they are.

President Hassan Rouhani came out with a statement Tuesday saying that it’s not enough to blame one lowly commander for shooting down this plane. He said he’s familiar with how all of this works and this goes much further up the chain of command.

With that said, no senior official in Iran has taken the blame for the shooting down of that plane and resigned their post.

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