Aryen Chambers tells her sister she is pregnant in a dream

Grants Pass, Ore. — The family of a young girl killed in a car crash is reaching out to others in her name.

Aryen Chambers died in August of 2015 in a car crash involving several other teens.

The driver in that case–Breanna White–is serving 18 years in prison.

Now that Aryen’s family has received justice, it’s time to celebrate her memory.

Since the death of her sister, Savannah Moos says she’s had three dreams with Aryen.

One of them involved Aryen telling her she was pregnant with a baby girl.

Although today marks the second Thanksgiving without her sister Aryen, Savannah has a lot to be thankful for.

Just four days ago, Savannah gave birth to Emberlyn.

“Lyn is part of Aryen’s middle name–her name is Aryen Catherine Lynly–so I just took Lyn out and put in Emberlyn,” Savannah said.

She says she’s a gift that has brought her happiness in the midst of a holiday that makes her miss her sister.

“Holidays are hard for my family and last year was pretty tough. So this year having her is kind of like a reminder that not everything is as bad as it seems,” Savannah said.

And Savannah still feels like Aryen has a presence in her life.

In fact, she says Aryen told her she was pregnant in a dream.

“She handed me this baby and she goes ‘here, this is yours’ and I looked down and it like went through my arms and into my stomach and I was huge pregnant… and then like two weeks later, sure enough I took a test and I was six weeks and six days pregnant,” Savannah said.

Not only did Aryen tell Savannah she was going to have a baby girl, but Emberlyn was born just a few days before an event she set up in Aryen’s memory.

“Aryen’s Gift” for the homeless was organized by Savannah and Our Foster Kids Inc. to give the homeless some clothes and dinner on Thanksgiving.

“She’s always wanted to do something like that so I figured I would do it for her since she can’t physically do it anymore,” Savannah said.

If she were here, Savannah knows Aryen would still be serving the homeless late into the night.

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