Ashland football plays away to avoid smoke

Ashland, Ore.- Smoke has also been affecting sports teams across the Rogue Valley this week.

The Ashland High School football team had to reschedule their first home game on Friday night because of unhealthy air quality.

The game was rescheduled for today, but this morning, the coaches and the administration agreed that the conditions were still unsafe. Following Oregon School Activities Association regulations, the air quality levels have to be below 100 to consider playing. As the day continued and levels constantly fluctuated,  it was decided that it be best to have a game rather than not having one.

So the team headed over to Lakeview. While coaches felt the change was for the best, they say it was still a disappointment.

“Not have the home field advantage, not have the fans that we would, not have the band you know all those things that come with playing at home we don’t have it so it stinks and its depressing,” said head coach Beau Lehnerz.

Southern Oregon University has also rescheduled games because of the smoke.

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