Ashland looking to move forward with overnight parking

ASHLAND, Ore.– Wet weather and cold temperatures are hitting those who are living on the streets.

In Ashland though, a local church for the past couple years has been allowing overnight parking in its lot for anyone living out of their cars.

Normally, the city would cite people for doing this but made an exception for Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. After a Monday workshop last week, the city seems to be moving forward to extend that offer to other churches in the city.

“That ability for people to overnight park at religious institutions is just another piece, I think, of the council’s effort to try to help those without homes,” said Kelly Madding, city administrator.

The city is looking to finish drafting a code sometime after the new year. Once complete, religious institutions would be able to receive permits to allow people to stay overnight in their lots.

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