ATF seizes machine pistol from Medford dealer

12-01-gun-seizedMedford, Ore. — A Medford firearms dealer is in hot water with the ATF after they seize one of his guns.

According to court documents, Guns R-Us owner Jonathan Purtzer obtained an automatic Glock 18 from another dealer — which requires a letter from law enforcement.

Former Josephine county Sheriff Gil Gilbertson wrote a letter for Purtzer in February of 2014, but documents say when Purtzer asked current Sheriff Dave Daniel for an updated letter, the request was denied.

Purtzer used the letter from Gilbertson to obtain the firearm, but the ATF says that the transfer should never have been approved since the letter was over a year old.

Purtzer claims the department is trying to enforce agency policy as law.

“I think they’re taking a policy and trying to make it law and trying to word it that, you know, we did something wrong when we didn’t.”

The ATF claims that by using the letter from Gilbertson, Purtzer knowingly falsified his application.

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