Barn collapses killing five horses

Central Point, Ore., — This is Porscha, she is one of the 10 horses the Meier family has raised and loved.

Last week, five of those horses were killed when their barn collapsed from too much snow, trapping and killing the animals.

“This is the most difficult thing I’ve been through in my entire life.” said Hannah Meier.

But Porscha made it out.

“I guess she had jumped into a stall, and was pretty much trying to climb the stall wall trying to get away from everything, and out of it. And she’s not, there’s not a mark or a scratch on her.” said Hannah.

Two of the horses killed were Hannah Meiers’ – Tango and Nikolai, she says they were her best friends.

“My horses have always been my best friends, I’ve never really been a people person, I am but I’m not. And my horses are always there.” said Hannah.

And though she is still mourning the loss, Hannah says she is grateful to have Porscha.

“They were all my best friends, but I’m really thankful I still have her. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost all three.”

For now, Hannah says she and her mother don’t plan to get any more horses, but will rebuild the barn.

“Buildings can be rebuilt, but lives can’t be replaced.” said Hannah.

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