Photo: Memphis Meats

Bay Area company debuts lab-grown chicken strips

Photo: Memphis Meats

San Leandro, Calif. – A Bay Area food-technology startup has introduced the world’s first chicken strips grown in a laboratory.

Memphis Meats said it’s the first time in the world poultry has been produced by growing animal cells.

The company served deep-fried samples in San Francisco. According to the Wall Street Journal, those who tried it said it was spongier than whole chicken breast, but it tasted the same.

Memphis Meats said the point of the lab grown meats is to help prevent environmental degradation and address animal welfare concerns and public health risks.

The company wrote, “So at Memphis Meats we’ve been asking ourselves: what if we could make the same products that the world has always loved, but in a process that is better for the planet and its inhabitants? What if we could completely change the way meat gets to the plate?”

The method reportedly would require 90% less land and water than conventional meat production.

It’s likely you won’t be seeing lab-grown chicken on store shelves anytime soon. The company estimates it costs around $9,000 to grow one pound of meat.

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