Bear cub sighting within Ashland city limits

Ashland, Ore. — Bears were recently spotted in an Ashland yard.

Some people say it’s happening more often than it used to.

One viewer says she even had bears in her back yard.

Sam Dodenhoff with the Department of Fish and Wildlife says it’s not necessarily the heat or smoke bringing bears into city limits.


He says they simply want food.

This time of year, Dodenhoff believes they could be attracted to garbage, fruit trees, or berry bushes.

But he says it’s not normal to see bears within city limits and it’s a concern for human safety.

According to Dodenhoff, cubs that were born this year will still be with their mother.

He says if you happen to see cubs, know their mother will be close by.

“They will be protective of their offspring, so if they were to be separated for some reason or if a pet were to come into contact with the cubs, it might alarm the female and it might lead to some negative interaction,” Dodenhoff said.

Dodenhoff says bears are most dangerous when they’re comfortable around human beings.

That means they aren’t afraid to take action.

If you encounter a bear, don’t approach it.

Instead, contact your local law enforcement agency and rid of any food or garbage around your home.

NBC5 News Multimedia Journalist Elizabeth Ruiz was raised in Northern Colorado. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Journalism and Media Communication. She also minored in Spanish and studied in Spain. While at Colorado State, she was an anchor and reporter for CTV Channel 11.

Elizabeth loves Zumba dancing, singing and spending time with her family.

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