Beating the heat

Medford, Ore., — Another round of high temperatures is taking its toll on those who just can’t seem to cool off. While many of us are doing what we can, cooling off for some is not an easy task.

Stores all over the valley are selling out of portable air conditioners and fans, and handy men are busier than ever all due to this heat.

With temperatures reaching the triple digits over the last few days,┬ápeople across the Rogue Valley are unprepared for the sudden temperature change. “My AC is broken so it’s either get a fan or fix it. So that’s where we’re at.” said Willow Nauth.

Stores are unable to keep up with the sudden high demand. “We had a full palette this morning and they’re selling out fast. I’d say within 2 days our complete supply will probably be gone.” said Home Depot employee Dave Casey

Even people with air conditioners in their homes are struggling. Some aren’t working because they haven’t been used in a while. So handy men are working extra hard to try and fix them.

“Long hours… a lot of over time…” said Allied Comfort Pro technician Steven Stelle. And while hind-sight is 20/20, the best piece of advice. “People, check your units before, turn them on make sure they’re working before it gets hot.” said Stelle.

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