Beware of fake evacuation notices for the Chetco Bar Fire

Selma, Ore.- The Chetco Bar Fire has forced dozens of people from their homes. Especially after yesterday’s level three order went into effect in parts of Josephine County.

The growing fire, which is at 167,513 acres, has the community on edge. Which is why firefighters say that scammers may be preying on their fear.

Illinois Valley Fire District warns that scammers may be calling people warning of fake evacuation notices. Their goal may be to make you leave, so yhey can loot your home.

For one Selma woman, Cindi Willis, the call she got to evacuate was initially of concern to her. Willis thought that she and her husband got the call because of her husband being on oxygen. And none of her other neighbors got the call. Cindi Willis was worried it was the scam she had heard about in the tight knit Selma community.

Willis says the automated message said, “There was a level evacuation from Hays Hill 199 all the way west to the California line.

Forunately for Cindi Willis the call wasn’t a scam. She took precautionary measures to verify that before preparing to evacuate.

“I call the fire department they said yes. I called the Sheriff and they said yes,” Willis says.

Jason Bayless of Illinois Valley Fire District says that’s exactly what residents should be doing if they don’t think an evacuation notice is legitimate.

At this point, Illinois Valley Fire District hasn’t heard of anyone who’s fallen for a scam evacuation warning.

If you receive a call you aren’t sure about be sure to report it to the Sheriff’s office.



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