Biden signs executive order to streamline government services

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – President Biden signed an executive order Monday to streamline government services.

Sitting in the Oval Office, Biden signed the order surrounded by his cabinet members, promising to bring government services into the digital age.

“We’re gonna make the government work more effectively for the American citizens so it’s not as confusing and it’s straightforward,” Biden said. “I believe this will go a long way restoring faith in the government. I know it sounds like a simple thing, but it’s pretty consequential.”

The president admitted that the bureaucratic process is frustrating to many Americans, but laid out his plans to have 17 agencies focusing on key areas to modernize the systems.

The executive order is intended to make processes more efficient and transparent for things like applying for Social Security benefits, updating addresses or filing for IRS refunds, and for disaster aid, which Biden addressed earlier in the day in response to the tornadoes that hit the central U.S. on Saturday.

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