Bike theft is an ongoing problem at Medford Gospel Mission

Medford, Ore. — The problem of bike theft is an ongoing dilemma in Medford.

Medford Gospel Mission is one organization where it takes a huge toll on its residents.

Monday night the wheel was stolen off of a bike at the mission.

For many… it’s their only form of transportation.

“It’s hard and it breaks my heart,” mission resident Brennan Armstrong said.

Armstrong is not new to being a victim of theft.

Within two years he’s had six different bikes stolen from him.

Four of them were taken at the Medford Gospel Mission.

“Someone told me that’s the record here but that’s nothing to be proud of,” Armstrong said.

Security video from Monday night shows the tire of another residents bike being stolen.

Associate Director Jason Bull says bikes or parts from bikes are stolen about once a week from the mission.

“It’s just sad because these are individuals that are working hard to get their lives back in order and it makes it even more difficult for them when people try to sabotage that,” Bull said.

The brazen thieves don’t even appear to worry about being seen on security cameras.

Bull says the owner of that bike was saving up for an apartment, and he uses his bike to get to work.

“It’s discouraging for people to have their stuff stolen… especially when they’re really trying to do the right thing,” Bull said.

As for Armstrong, he says he and the other 54 residents at the mission look to each other for support.

“That’s literally the only thing I can cling onto… is to persevere,” Armstrong said.

The mission wants to ask the community to keep their eyes open for any bike thieves in the area.

If you have a bike to donate, be sure to contact the Medford Gospel Mission.


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