Cabs to start carrying Naloxone

MEDFORD, Ore. — A local cab company is trying to do their part to fight opioid overdoses.

Valley Cab in Medford is equipping all of its drivers with Naloxone, a medicine designed to reverse an overdose.

Owner Craig Owen is a former alcohol and drug counselor and is on the Prevention Council in Josephine County. He says equipping his drivers with the life-saving antidote was a no-brainer.

“This could happen anywhere. There’s no way to predict where somebody may overdose, but it sure would be nice if a few extra people had Narcan on them.”

Starting May 8th, Valley Cab drivers will have Naloxone in all their on-duty cabs. They’re receiving training through the non-profit, Max’s Mission.

To learn more about opioid addiction and what you can do to help, visit

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