California independence supporters can now gather signatures

Sacramento, Calif. – A proposal to would create a path for California’s independence from the United States is one step closer now that supporters can begin gathering signatures for the 2018 ballot measure.

The “Calexit” movement wants to see the state of California secede, according to an LA Times report.

On July 26, Attorney General Xavier Becerra released an official title and summary for the “California Autonomy from Federal Government” initiative.

Backers now have 180 days to collect around 600,000 signatures if they want to see the initiative on next year’s ballot.

The Sacramento Bee reports the latest proposal is a scaled-back version that doesn’t call for complete, immediate secession.

Rather, it would create a commission to investigate the best way for California to pursue independence.

It would also remove part of California’s state constitution that declares the state an inseparable part of the U.S.

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