California rolls out new 911 “pinpoint” location technology

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KNSD/NBC) – Next generation technology is being rolled out at 911 emergency call centers in California.

The California Office of Emergency Services has awarded a contract to the company Rapid Deploy to outfit the state’s 440 emergency communication centers with new “pinpoint” technology.

Currently, calls made from a cell phone to 911 can only be tracked to a specific cell tower which can cover a wide area.

The new Rapid Deploy technology allows first responders to see the exact location of the 911 call.

Developers of the system say that kind of specific information can be a life-saving game changer.

President of the National Emergency Number Association Jamison Peevyhouse stated, “We knew it would affect response somewhat. We didn’t understand the level of impact it would have on almost every single call that we’re seeing now.”

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