Canines used for mold and bed bug tracking

GRANTS PASS, Ore— “I found an extraordinary dog that’s able to keep his nose to the ground and keep on the scent,” Owner of All Scent Tracking, Tyler Bushnell, said. “When they’re on the scent it’s an incredible feature to see.”

The company, All Scent Tracking, trains German Shepherds mix to be able to detect mold or bed bugs in someones home or business.

“A lot of times humans can detect bed bugs and mold when it’s a severe problem and that’s kind of where we’re at,” Bushnell said. “We’re trying to be a preventative service based company, preventing these issues from getting too large.”

The company has a total of three dogs that have over 800 hours of training. Bushnell has been working with them for three years and just got his business up and running in January.

The dogs are able to smell out mold or bed bugs before they get severe enough that the human eye can see it. They’re also able to detect bed bugs eggs before they’ve hatched, which is something humans can’t see or smell.

“That’s the unique thing with canines is they can find target odor where it’s the highest concentration,” said Bushnell. “Maybe the humans can find where it’s at but they don’t know where it started.”

When All Scent Tracking services are requested, all three of the dogs come with. Each dog takes a turn going through the house and identifying the scent, ensuring their work is triple checked.

This type of canine tracking service isn’t new to the U.S. however it is the first of its kind for southern Oregon.

Bushnell hopes this method will be able to prevent and protect people from illnesses and save them money later down the line.

“I feel successful enough to be able to present my dogs to the community and let them know that we’re here to protect our families from mold and bed bugs and things of that sort,” Bushnell said.

It costs $250 for a home assessment, if you’d like more information head to

Blakely McHugh is co-anchor of NBC5 News at Sunrise and spokesperson for In This Together, a suicide prevention initiative. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Blakely is a native of San Diego, CA. Blakely is excited to be in southern Oregon, a place that gets all the seasons and has similar temperatures to Arizona in the summer! When she’s not at work, you can find her relaxing at home watching TV and cuddling with her cat, Dallas. She also enjoys trying new places to eat and exploring the outdoors. Blakely loves meeting new people so if you see her out and about, say “hi!”
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