Capitol police response under increasing scrutiny

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – Before Wednesday’s mob attack, most Americans probably had not heard of the Capitol police force. But now, with the police chief resigning and the department is on the defensive with members of Congress demanding answers for a massive failure to contain the surging crowds

We know that Capitol police were completely outmanned as they faced off against demonstrators that came to D.C. at the urging of President Trump to storm the Capitol building. And we know inside, the Capitol police officers were performing heroically, battling the insurrectionists as they tried to protect members of Congress.

But now, this has taken yet another deadly and tragic turn. A Capitol police officer has now died from the injuries he suffered in the melee. His name is Brian Sicknick, a 13-year veteran of the police department.

Because of how all of this went down, a big distinction being made between the heroics of the officers and whether the department and the leadership had adequately planned and prepared for an event that was well telegraphed in advance.

It was no secret that this was going to happen. But now, the sergeant of arms in the House, the sergeant of arms in the Senate, as well as the Capitol police chief have all submitted their resignations.

Nine-foot fencing is now up around the Capitol building into the inauguration, likely beyond.

There is concern the inauguration may not be the end of the rioting we have seen here on Capitol Hill.

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