Changes need to be made in order for Uber to come to Ashland

ASHLAND, Ore. — Just a few months ago, Ashland City Councilors passed an ordinance that would allow ride-sharing services like Uber to operate in the city.  As of Wednesday, Uber has canceled all plans.

Uber said unless Ashland changes its ordinance to be more like Medford’s, they won’t be coming anytime soon.

Ashland’s rules for ride-sharing are more strict than Medford’s.

The annual application fee for transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft is $5,000 in Ashland while it’s $1,000 in Medford.

Ashland also requires companies to have one vehicle that is ADA accessible at all times.

SOU Student Body Vice-President Danny Hernandez said Uber could make a positive impact on the university.

“Without having Uber in the city, that puts a limit on so many students and their opportunity to be able to go out to different cities”,” said Hernandez.

Kelly Madding, Ashland’s City Administrator said no one has reached out to the city of Ashland from Uber and Lyft yet.

City Councilors told us they had no idea Uber wasn’t coming until our story aired on Wednesday.

Madding said the city will be reaching out to the ride-sharing companies early next week and will discuss it with city council soon.

“We will be bringing back those issues to the city council so that they can understand what the issues that Uber and Lyft may have and direct us to do something different,” said Madding.

NBC5 News has reached out to Lyft and has yet to receive a response.

To read the ride-sharing ordinance for Ashland, please click here. 

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