Changes in store for traffic on Highway 62

MEDFORD, Ore. – Construction workers are putting the final touches on the road as they prepare to open up a small stretch of the new Highway 62 Expressway project later this week.

Early Friday morning, folks driving westbound on Delta Waters Road will be directed over onto the new roadway, coming down at Poplar and Bullock.

While it’s just a small stretch that will be opened, for now, it’ll clear up the existing roadway to make way for more construction.

Gary Leaming with the Oregon Department of Transportation said, as always, when there is construction in the area be sure to drive with caution. “Be mindful of other drivers in case they get confused,” Leaming said. β€œIt’s not a big change, but it’s a big change so that the contractor can go to the next phase.”

According to Leaming, the project should be completed within one year.

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