Charter school seeks renewal

Central Point, Ore. – Madrone Trail Charter School  is nearing its may first deadline to fix the issues outlined by the Medford School District.

Topping the list of issues is the budget for the school and the school’s board.

Next year’s proposed budget includes paid, year-long sabbaticals for two teachers, and would force the school to operate at an almost $150,000 deficit. The school district also had a problem with the school board, as most of the members before tonight were faculty. Their concern was that it put them at a conflict of interest when issues concern teachers and staff.

Tonight the board voted to add three new members that would allow a vote on all issues.

The school is also adding special meetings for the next month to make sure they are able to meet the district requirements by may first to ensure the renewal of their charter. Sot

“This is not a termination letter, and to my knowledge Medford School District has not voted to terminate the contract according to legal council this is a notice and an opportunity to cure,” said Chairman Monica Rathjen.

Rathjen also said that these are just the initial negotiations with Medford School District.

She’s confident that the board will be able to resolve these problems and renew their charter.

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