Chicago violence: 58 shootings in less than 3 days

CHICAGO, Ill. (WGN/CNN) – Six people died in Chicago, out of 58 people who were shot between Friday and Sunday. For the Windy City, that meant someone was shot this weekend once per hour.

The numbers tell the story this past in weekend in Chicago:

  • 58 shot
  • 6 killed
  • 3 in custody
  • 83 illegal guns seized
  • 29 arrested on gun charges
  • 68 gatherings shut down

“As long as we fail to create repercussions for carrying and using illegal guns,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. We’re simply going to have these discussions on Monday mornings.

The Chicago police superintendent said this gun violence is not a widespread problem in the city, it’s the same people pulling the trigger.

Among those killed, two teenagers who were reported missing on Friday. When police were with one of their mothers, “the mother actually received an anonymous message, that this party believed she would find her son in a wooded area,” explained Superintendent Johson.

Detectives and family went to that location and found the two teens.

At another shooting in Seward Park, three men were rushed to the hospital.

Witnesses told Chicago station WGN that two of them were volunteers at an anti-violence basketball tournament nearby.

Two weeks ago, Chicago saw more than 60 people shot.

600 more police were put on the streets this weekend, but the numbers still spiked.

Superintendent Johnson said, “It’s ridiculous. I’m out in the community all the time, and people are sick and tired of it. And they should be.”

He said stakeholders all need to work together and hold repeat offenders accountable.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said earlier this month that there are too many people with criminal records on the street, and a shortage of values about what is right and what is wrong.

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