Christmas with Medford Fire & Rescue

Medford, Ore.– For Medford Fire and Rescue crews, sirens are the Christmas chimes many of us don’t hope to hear on this Holiday.

But it’s the sound too familiar to Medford firefighters, even on holidays

“Christmas is just like any other day. It’s business as usual.”

Like the structure fire call NBC5 went on with Station # 3.

Even though it turned out to be a backyard burn. The crew was ready to go at a moments notice.

“We come in in the morning to make sure our equipment is ready to go,” said Firefighter Travis Landen.

Back at the station, Graham Payer and Landen said it can be mellow most of Christmas day.

“Typically it’s slow. It seems that we do have a lot of cardiac arrests on holidays,” said Payer.

And said it can be tough if you have a family.

“My kids are young enough that we convinced them yesterday was Christmas,” said Payer.

Landen said, “It’s kind of a bummer being away form family but as Payer pointed out this is our family, we spent a third of our lives with them and I don’t mind being with them.”

But unexpected welcomed visits.

“We just got some nice treats from a stranger..Moose munch.”

Snacking and taking some time to prepare the Christmas prime rib dinner does too.

“Some times we’re eating and boom we’ve got to go.”

This crew celebrated Christmas day, their own way.

“We’re all happy to be here and be able to help people.”

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