Church group says it’s going to picket at UCC victim’s funerals

Roseburg, Ore.– During such a horrific time for the community of Roseburg.
“Countless people are praying for them and thinking of them,” said Janelle Newton.
A Baptist church group from Topeka, Kansas is exercising their free speech rights. Like they did in a Youtube video where they are seen picketing at a Blazers game in Portland because one of the opposing team players is gay.

On it’s website the group said it preaches against all form of sin.¬†And through Twitter said they are coming to Roseburg, stating “God sent the shooter for Oregon’s proud sin.”

Westboro Baptist Church said it’s coming to Oregon to picket at the funerals of victims from the UCC shooting.

Some people who have lived in Roseburg for years heard about the church’s intentions on social media.

“Stay home and council with each other with love. Let our family members and relatives and friends deal without grief without you contributing to the mayhem,” said Darryl George.

Janelle Newton also said, “even for non-believers if nothing else, it’s disgusting and it really gives believers a bad name.”

And David Oneslager said, “To picket and to cause deeper pain from pain that’s already gotten from being a victim.The families, the ones that are left behind.That’s sad and that’s ignorance.”

On it’s website WBC also has a picketing¬†schedule. They’re headed to Kansas City next.

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