Coast Guard rescues two men from cave near Yachats

Warrenton, Ore. – Two men were rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew after they became stranded inside a cave near Yachats, Oregon.

According to the USCG, on Tuesday the Lincoln County Fire Department requested Coast Guard assistance when one man fell into the water and the another jumped in to try to rescue him. They were both swept into a nearby cave where they became stranded.

The Coast Guard said a helicopter crew was immediately diverted from a nearby training mission.

Once the crew arrived at the scene, they were initially unable to locate the men. However an Oregon State Police trooper saw the two men and was able to direct the helicopter crew to their location.

USCG said a rescue swimmer was lowered to the location where one of the men was found semi-conscious and both hypothermic.

“When we saw a survivor peak his head out of the cave, the aircrew was overcome with relief but also an incredible sense of urgency,” said Lt. Zach Wiest, aircraft commander, Sector North Bend. “Together we devised a rescue plan and worked together flawlessly during the most technically challenging case any of us has ever been a part of.”

Despite some bumps, bruises and scrapes, the two men returned home safe.

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