College grad walks away from rollover on I-5

Gold Hill, Ore. — A recent college graduate walked away from a scary crash on I-5 Friday.

Vineeth Cigicherla just graduated from Oregon State and was headed home to California when he lost control of his car, flipping it on its roof.

“Everything just went black,” Cigicherla says, “and before I knew it I was upside down in my car and the first thing I was thinking about was to run out because I thought it was going to blow up because I saw the gasoline leaking.”

“Ran outside, and thankfully the car didn’t blow up so I’m alive,” Cigicherla says, “so I’m stoked about that.”

Cigicherla got a scratch on his face and was feeling a little sore but was otherwise okay. He’s hoping he’ll be able to get a rental car to make it back home to Orange County.


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