Congressman Walden weighs in on Trump’s tariffs

MEDFORD, ORE.– President Trump’s newly raised steel tariffs have some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worried about what it might to do American companies.

While certain allies like Canada and Mexico have been exempt and consideration for others like Australia are in the works, the tariffs have even concerned some top republicans.

Congressman Greg Walden, who was holding a meeting in Medford this weekend said he had reservations about the move.

“I’m concerned the impact it will have, the cost of housing, cars and everything else,” he said. “It may move some production back to the U.S. which of course is always a good thing. But I think we need to look at what cost and what retaliation we may face.”

Congressman Walden was happy about President Trump’s exemption of certain countries but worried for American exports – especially agriculture – which could face swift retaliation by others countries.

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