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Coos Bay day care shut down after kids sickened by insecticide

Cropped Photo: MGN photo

Coos Bay, Ore. – A Coos Bay dayc are closed its doors after at least six children and two staff members fell ill following an insecticide spraying incident.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports Coos Bay Children’s Academy Inc. shut down Monday amid a state inquiry into the May 5 incident.

Affected children suffered from inflamed eyes and breathing problems.

Employees told parents about the incident, but they were later urged by the owner to “shut up” and conduct “damage control”, according to an email shared with the Oregonian/OregonLive.

The owner, Elizabeth “Betty” Ewing said a Coos Bay Grange Co-Op employee sold her the wrong insecticide product, which was then sprayed inside the school.

According to Ewing, she researched the insecticide thoroughly and followed application instructions.

But within days, children and staff were sickened.

One parent said his daughter’s eyes became inflamed and leaked goo, but he realized mistakes can happen, adding the owner was clearly upset.

Ewing said, “We really did think we were doing the right thing. I’ve lost everything because of this.”

Ewing, who lives in California, claimed she was being undermined by employees.

State records show the center violated numerous rules, including when a staff member threatened to spank a child.

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