Coronavirus fears lead to cleaning supply shortages

MEDFORD, Ore. — People are scrambling to buy household cleaning items and disinfectants off store shelves.

Hand sanitizer is especially scarce and it’s taking a toll on local businesses and organizations.

On Friday, NBC5 News called multiple businesses like Target and Walmart. All say they’re sold out of a number of cleaning products and hand sanitizers after hundreds of products were emptied off store shelves this week.

Some of the supplies include paper towels, toilet paper, disinfectant sprays, and hand sanitizing wipes and bottles.

The Medford School District tells us it thankfully stocked up on cleaning supplies a few weeks ago.

Medford-based ballet academy, “Studio Roxander,” says it searched for weeks to find household cleaning products and got lucky.

“I just got a shipping confirmation from this shipping company saying they’re on their way,” said Elyse Roxander, owner. “Literally, I ordered from three different other companies, they said they had them in stock and then like 30 minutes later or the next day I would get a confirmation saying we refunded your PayPal account.”

Roxander says they’re now disinfecting surfaces throughout the day.

They will also be putting hand sanitizer canisters in front of every dance studio.

Local stores tell us they have no idea when they will get more shipments of cleaning products.

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