Counterfeit money in Jackson County

Medford, Ore., — Counterfeit money is becoming such a problem in the Rogue Valley that now the Jackson County Jail has new equipment to spot the bills.

Medford Police say they see counterfeit bills practically every day, but it’s something new for the jail.

“Here at the jail we’ve seen a big increase.” said Captain Dan Penland.

Over the past few weeks the Jackson County Jail has received five hundred dollars worth of counterfeit money.

“Maybe only 1 or 2 bills in the past that we’ve ever gotten that we suspected were counterfeit so just having that one group of 500 dollars in a fairly short span was significant.”

The increase so concerning, they are now scanning all money they get before keeping it.

“We bought a new money counter which will detect counterfeit bills including the new what they call “super bills”

But for Medford Police this is something they see all the time.

“Something we deal with quite frequently, we get counterfeit money from banks, business, gas stations.. you name it.” said Lieutenant Kerry Curtis.

If you unknowingly get a counterfeit bill, no one will reimburse you, so Curtis says to be aware of the money you receive.

“I think it’s important for anyone that handles money, that works with money is familiar with how it’s manufactured and the security features on it.”

So what are some things to look out for?

“It always feels different, counterfeit money is often very smooth, it doesn’t have the security strips, a lot of the time it doesn’t have the embedded flakes.

Lieutenant Curtis says if you do come across money you think may be fake, try and tell the place you got it from before you leave and turn it into the police.

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