Couple survives being tossed from their canoe on Fish Lake

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – A married couple in their 60s survived after their canoe capsized on Fish Lake, south of Mt. McLoughlin.

Just after noon on October 25, a husband and wife were fishing on the lake when their canoe flipped over, tossing them into the water.

Each of them was wearing a life jacket and they began swimming toward the shore. The husband made it out of the cold water, but the wife was struggling about 30 feet out, so he asked for help.

A bystander swam out to get the woman, who was pulled to the edge of the lake. She was taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. Her husband and the bystander were able to drive home on their own.

“Marine patrol deputies laud the couple for wearing life jackets,” JCSO wrote. “At the same time, they remind boaters on mountain lakes to consider weather conditions, water temperature, and the proximity to rescue personnel before launching. They also thank the citizen who braved the cold water to help the couple.”

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