COVID-19 reality check: vaccine won’t immediately end pandemic

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC News) – The first COVID-19 vaccinations could begin within days after the Food and Drug Administration grants emergency use authorization of a vaccine.

Still, distributing the vaccine presents a big logistical puzzle.

Millions of vials must be safely and securely shipped across the country.

Ahead of emergency authorization hearings, airlines are preparing for transport.

Two leading candidates require cold, or even subzero, storage temperatures.

Pharmacists are also approved to administer the shots.  CVS and Walgreens will initially target residents of long term care facilities.

“We’ll be able to immunize the vast majority of the long term care residents within a six to eight week period,” CVS CEO Larry Merlo predicts.

Life won’t go back to normal right away.  Health experts say continued mask-wearing and social distancing will be critical until the bulk of people are vaccinated.

A recent survey reveals 60 percent of Americans say they’ll get vaccinated, up from 51 percent in September.

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