COVID cases surge across the nation

(NBC) – There is growing concern about new COVID infections with the number of daily cases doubling in the last three weeks. While about 184 million are at least partially vaccinated, less than half the population has full protection. This comes as health officials met with Pfizer to discuss the need for a booster.

After a private zoom meeting with Pfizer Monday night, the CDC and FDA say there is still not enough evidence Americans need a booster with Pfizer arguing the public would be better protected from the highly contagious Delta variant

The nation is still struggling to get 98 million Americans their first shot, much less their third.

There is growing concern over protecting the vulnerable as 28 million school-age kids under 12 who are likely still months away from qualifying for a vaccine before heading back to campus.

Parents are frustrated by conflicting messages and lack of planning The CDC says any student not vaccinated needs a mask at school. But most states have no uniform plan to require them.

Hours after California said all students must wear masks, there a sudden about-face now allowing school districts to make their own policy.

Of the 25 million children 12 to 17 who are old enough for vaccination roughly a third are fully inoculated. Any outbreaks could lead to closures.

With nearly 20,000 new COVID infections reported in children last week, the state health officer in Mississippi says 10 children there are currently on life support because of the Delta variant.

Clusters of cases at summer camp are fueling new worry. When school returns, there could be another surge in the fall.

As Delta forces some hospitals to reopen COVID wards, cases are on the rise again in 27 states after outbreaks in rural and mostly unvaccinated communities. A troubling number of infections are now being detected in cities like St. Louis, New York, and Los Angeles.

It takes about five weeks to become fully vaccinated, and that’s exactly when children will start returning to school. So, for parents who want to get their children inoculated before the start of the school, now is the time to act.

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