COVID concerns heighten as kids return to school

(NBC) With hospitalizations and cases rising sharply nationwide, many cities, schools, and businesses are now implementing mask and vaccine mandates.

The Delta variant surge is having an impact all over the country. Certainly, we see it in the national numbers, where there’s been a 700% increase in COVID cases just since early July.

In the state of Florida, they’ve registered 150,000 COVID infections in one week in this state alone

Now, the conversation shifts to what’s going to happen in schools. We’ve already seen battles playing between school districts in Texas, in Oklahoma and now in south Florida as well.

Miami is the fourth largest school district in the country and we have health officials there that will be meeting at sometime Monday to talk about whether they’re going to defy the governor, Ron Desantis, and implement a mandatory mask mandate anyway without an opt-out for parents.

Palm Beach County has one week of school on the books and already a thousand students have been put on a stay-at-home directive because they had exposure to COVID.  200 students had contracted it and roughly 50 employees within the school system.

Alarm bells right now are up. People are concerned. This conversation over what’s going to happen behind these doors is ongoing.

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