Crews looking for new lightning-sparked fires

Central Point, Ore. – Fire crews are chasing down any new fires that may have been sparked by lightning strikes.

ODF’s Southwest Oregon District was hit with 200 lightning strikes in the span of a few hours Wednesday.

The Oregon Department of Forestry said their local firefighters have already suppressed six wildfires overnight.

Of those, five of them were completely lined and mopped up at less than one acre in size.

The sixth fire, dubbed the East Antelope Fire, was last mapped at around three acres six miles east of Roxy Ann Peak. Crews will continue to work on that fire until it’s 100% contained.

Firefighters will continue to canvas ODF-protected lands for any possible fires Thursday as temperatures rise.

In addition to ground crews, aircraft equipped with thermographic cameras that detect heat.

The forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras have the ability to peer through thick layers of wildfire smoke.

Helicopters and air attack platforms will be utilized as visibility allows.

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