Ashland Police Dept. investigates SOU hate crime

ASHLAND, Ore.–SOU president Linda Schott says the Ashland Fire Department responded to a fire on the SOU campus Sunday morning around 10:30.

She says a “Black Lives Matter” sign was vandalized, in an effort to destroy it.

“We sent a notice out to all students and employees and directed people to resources in case they need it we take it very seriously,” said Schott.

Schott said the vandalism goes against every ideal her university stands for.

She continued to say, “We want to help all students who come here and want to fulfill their dreams we want to help them do that.”

Ashland police chief Tighe O’Meara couldn’t do an on camera interview but did share what constitutes a hate crime is the motive behind the destruction of property.

That carries more serious charges, said the chief.

The school president says what happened won’t change SOU’s values and inclusive nature.

“I want the larger community to know that SOU is living its values, and we will not be deterred from living those values.”

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