Decision 2020 update

(NBC) The presidential candidates will be in Iowa and Michigan Wednesday as Americans brave extremely long lines to cast their ballots.

President Trump rallies in Iowa today, where polls are split and coronavirus is spreading.

Trump said, “I know it’s risky to do that but I can’t sit in the basement.”

He’s just back from Pennsylvania with a clear pitch to female voters: “Suburban women, will you please like me?”

Meanwhile, Biden tries to gain ground with seniors in the president’s backyard. He’s hammering President Trump on jobs, saying, “He turned his back on every single worker whose job hasn’t come back, and now he says he wants a deal.”

Biden announced that former President Obama will soon hit the campaign trail as Texas opens early voting with long lines. The state’s Republican governor is restricting ballot boxes to one per county.

California ordered the Republican party to remove its boxes mislabeled as official. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said, “If voters are misled to surrendering their ballot to this dropbox, no security guarantee, no guarantee that their ballot will actually end up at the county and be counted.”

In Florida, nearly a third of mail ballots have already been returned.

Florida’s 29 electoral votes could be the lynchpin to victory for either Biden or Trump.

All but one of the latest polls there show Biden leading by a few points but within the margin of error.

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