Disappearance of Colorado mom deemed ‘suspicious’

FLORISSANT, Colo. (KOAA/NBC) – Authorities announced today that they are now classifying a Colorado woman’s disappearance as suspicious, 23 days after she was last seen.

The woodland park police chief said Friday that Kelsey Berreth’s disappearance is now being classified as suspicious.

The announcement comes as investigators with multiple agencies are searching her fiance’s home, Patrick Frazee.

According to investigators, Frazee is the last person to speak face-to-face with Berreth.

Berreth went missing on Thanksgiving Day, which is also when Frazee said he picked up their 1-year-old daughter from her.

Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young said, “Based on information developed during the course of this investigation, and because of the length of time — it’s been 23 days that has passed since Kelsey was last seen — our investigators believe that Kelsey’s disappearance is more suspicious in that she is not intentionally avoiding efforts to find her. We are looking at all avenues and our focus is on finding Kelsey.”

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