Disneyland’s new ‘Star Wars’ attraction opens Friday

ANAHEIM, Calif. – While Star Wars fans bide their time for the next film in the saga this December, they can get excited about a new attraction officially opening to public tomorrow at Disneyland. It’s designed to bring the Star Wars experience home.

It was a celebration of galactic proportions Wednesday night as Disneyland dedicated its new billion dollar attraction, enlisting help from the stars who launched the legendary franchise.

Mark Hamill, who played the role of Luke Skywalker, said, “Star Wars has been, for me, the gift that keeps on giving. And the reason is because of you.”

Disney’s counting on those fans to bring their Star Wars appetite to this interstellar outpost brought to life.

Producer Chris Kelly explained, “It’s the sights, the sounds, truly a feast for the senses in an otherworldly kind of way.”

Designers spent five years nailing details of the fictional universe. But the feature attraction is a ride aboard the “bucket of bolts” Han Solo made famous. It’s the start of an experience that turns guests into a team, flying the iconic ship.

Executive Creative Director Assa Kalahma said, “Every time you ride the ride, you’re going to have a slightly different experience, depending on which role you’ve taken on. Also, who else is in your flight crew.”

A second ride launches later this year and Florida’s Disneyworld gets an identical Galaxy’s Edge attraction come August.

Brad Schoeneberg, director of merchandise strategy, said, “This is a Star Wars experience, unlike anything you’ve ever done before.”

Disney’s expecting such a crush of visitors that they instituted a reservation process for the first month of Galaxy’s Edge. Within two hours, all of the available spots were taken up.

Those early visitors are limited to four-hour visits within the park. Believe it or not, Stormtroopers—and other cast members—will be looking for color-coded wrist bands to identify visitors who overstay their allotted time.

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