Dog accidentally eats marijuana edible

9.18 DOG EATS MARIJUANADenver, Co.– A dog owner in Denver had quite the scare after her five-year-old dog found and ate a marijuana edible at a local park.

Like any dog, Bodhi tends to eat whatever his nose leads him to. His owner Katherine Edwards says , “If there is a cookie down there, he will eat the cookie.” And during a walk, Bodhi found something in the grass and just ate it. Edwards had no idea what he had ingested but she thought nothing of it; that is until Bodhi’s behavior changed drastically.

She realized something was off, Bodhi had lost control of his bowels all over the house and started twitching and seizing. Edwards recalls, “It looked like he was dying.”

Edwards rushed Bodhi to the Denver Animal Hospital where Dr. Dan Burnman  realized he was just really stoned.

Burnman says the biggest red flag is the behavior, “The bizarre behavior. Like if one of your friends was “stoned” you might seem similar bizarre-like behavior”.

Marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado and veterinarians are seeing a spike in cases like Bodhi’s.

Bodhi finally came down from his high, and Edwards lightly joked, “Totally stoned– I should have taken him to Taco Bell.” She says she’ll be keeping him on a tighter leash.


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